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Loving More

I heard these words in church yesterday. Talk about feeling a cupid’s cross arrow blast right into your heart—I was overwhelmed with emotion all at once. I didn’t know if I should cry out of joy, sing or just sit there and think awhile in reflection over my dreams, those I love, or the fear—the possibility of more risk and hurt and having another rejection letter sent back to my inbox.

Then I stopped wondering what to do and I smiled.

All of these emotions were generated inside of me because the truth hurts sometimes. The truth brings out all sorts of human feelings I don’t always want to deal with. But then again, what happens if I run?

Love is the most powerful choice and feeling in the human body, heart and soul. More powerful than hate. Why? Because hate allows you to funnel everything bad into that one thought, person, action whatever you’re so ticked off about—you can block it out with a black marker. You can even run away because you hate so much.

But Love? It’s a risk that never ends. It’s a bond you keep throwing out there like a fishing line that screams out, “Take my bait!  I love me enough to want this!”

Love asks you to hurt again.

So thank you. Thank you for this quote. Thank you for making me write harder everyday, love more of myself and my friends and my family everyday. I’ll take the hurt. I’ll kill it with kindness. Why? Because love is a beautiful thing and dreams are about loving yourself enough to know what you want and to know you have to work hard for them.

Choose to love this week…and thanks for letting me scream a little…