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Better Days are ahead


August and September have been sort of tornadoish swirly. Will schools open for kids? If so, when? Will I be able to finally see my family, my mother and brother I haven’t seen in more than 6 months? Will I be able to leave my state of Missouri, knowing the numbers are on the rise? And what about writing? Will I break out of sleeping more, slipping in more time to write?

I was a lucky one this past month. I did make it out of state. I did see my family. School will start after a two week push back the day after Labor Day, and I’m sending mine to to in-person school. Will it last? Who knows at this point. But I’m looking up through the rainbow umbrella. I’m forcing my gaze through the rain, the clouds and I’m searching for the sunshine I know is up there, somewhere.

With the upturn of events in my world, I’ve also managed to set my alarm a little earlier. First it was 15 minutes. Then it was 20, then it was 30, but thirty is something. I’ve also reached out to my editor and asked to double our time each month together.  I need the accountability right now.

I know I’m not really answering this month’s IWSG Question, which is really great one by the way, but I’m giving this month’s post all I’ve got. 

Happy IWSG Day, friends. Cheers to a bit of sunshine through the rainy skies. At some point, they’ll clear. I believe it. I hope you do too.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. That’s wonderful you got to see your family. Be glad your kids get to go back – most here can’t. As one of the top health specialists said yesterday, this country is panicking too much over the issue and the kids need to go back to school.

  2. Yes, it’s so important to stay positive during these challenging times. Glad you were able to see your family. I do see my daughter who lives in town and they just started vestibule visits at my mom’s independent living facility. That helps me stay positive and have a little more human contact.

    Glad you’re trying to squeeze writing time into your schedule.

  3. I’m taking one day at a time. It doesn’t feel so overwhelming that way. As long as I don’t stop to think, I’m good. Happy IWSG, Erika. Sorry you can’t see your family.

  4. Sounds like you are fighting a good fight and its tuckered you out. Remember self-care is important too. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  5. There is so much to worry about. I was heartened by the CDC’s quiet announcement that they’d misstated COVID deaths, that only 6% of those originally attributed to the pandemic were. Any death is horrid but as one in that age group and co-morbitities, I no longer wonder if I’m the walking dead!

  6. It’s a tough time in life right now. I hope you find your sunshine!

  7. I’m glad you’re looking up.

    I have not managed to set my alarm earlier…it’s been later…and later. lol

  8. I think all of us are slowly finding our way towards normal again, even if that normal is slightly different than before. But, like one of my favorite characters says: “That too will pass.” It will be better. We have to believe it.

  9. Steven Rose, Jr.

    Sleeping in: that was a problem I had when I took time off from my day job to social distance/shelter in place back in March when the pandemic started hitting most places.Now that I’ve returned to my day job, I’ve changed my schedule to getting up an hour earlier so I can work on my writing projects, particularly my fiction and I’ll go to bed an hour earlier. But it was more so getting home tired from work every evening what made me change to that schedule. But I found out when I can get up earlier to work on my fiction projects in the morning rather than working on them in the evening, I’m so much more focused and motivated.

  10. Accountability always helps! And, yes, swirly seems just the right word for how we’re all feeling…

  11. The not-knowing about anything has been driving me around the bend. Looks like there’s news in your country today about when the return to normal will be, and it’s a little longer than we were all hoping, but I think we’ll be able to return to semi-normal before we get back to full normal.

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