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Wistful Wednesday: The War Between the Heart and the Mind

Bright sparkling hearts and golden flickering stars are some of my favorite things. Instantly I light up with life and feel that familiar lift of my face, graced with a smile.
My mind drifts. I’m thinking about worries and thinking and all the terrible things that can take over my head and keep me from moving forward. I know I have talked about it before, but overthinking is probably my worst vice.
Right now I’m overthinking success, overwhelmed with marketing and putting myself out there to the world and all the tasks I need to do to make my dreams of becoming a full time author come true. Website. Teens. Develop a public speaking topic. How to make sure I’m giving my best to represent the publisher respectfully and successfully, but also, how to remain true to my existing roles?
The heart matters most. I feel blessed in my ability to listen to my heart. I feel blessed I can also let go and trust my intuition. Sometimes our hearts know the answers, but our minds take over creating a crazy web, netting us up and trapping us from the truth. So I guess, I’m saying, I have this constant war inside.
There’s hope. There’s always hope. I have a few great strategies for managing overthinking and the best one I can share this morning is to think about the big picture. Tomorrow, will it matter? A week from now, will it matter? What will? I turn to my personal mission statement and I think, Erika, that simple poem is your driving force. Do it. You wrote it. Use your guide and prioritize the moment and even if I mess up, which I will, I still have hope I can reel myself back.
Distraction works too. It’s probably one of my favorites. It’s why you’ll see my random pictures and poems on Facebook. I stop often, take a walk, and I love to smell the flowers, or climb a tree if I can. ;0) Nature resets me. It brings back a clarity I can’t describe, the reason why I posted the field of dandelions below. As a little kid, I grew up thinking if I grabbed just one, made a wish, and blew really hard, all the little pieces would take my wish to heaven. Someone would hear my wish and I believed with all my heart, something good would happen. 
My wish today, for you and for me, is to take a second to think about how we can break our cycle of thoughts. What leads us to that point where we breathe deeper and trust our own voices, and decide enough worrying is enough?
I’d love to hear yours.