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Meaning Something to Someone Really Rocks

My two precious miracles

It’s amazing what a little love can do for your day!

My son is four and a half. He is a type A kiddo with a huge sense for right and wrong. Sometimes I call him my little policeman. “Momma, that’s not supposed to go up there. Momma, they’re trying to drive on the road, too. Momma, yesterday you told me not to say that. Why did you say that word?” There are so many cute things he says everyday to remind me, to do the right thing. To model the right thing.

Today I received an email from the director at his daycare. She said, Simon was really missing his mommy today. He needed a little extra snuggle time, which is one of the reasons why I picked the daycare center they go to, because they are cherished there. They feel love everyday.

The director followed up and said, he wanted to send you an email, and I would have blushed ear to ear if I didn’t have olive skin.

This is the letter my son typed for me on her computer:

“J8fi,[0i =-kvt-o9,m=v-tk,\=\,=v5,3w0=,v,==v,v0,5,mk93b0-to,me-fo,v-eo,,,,,tvrtttttttttt[rdtv-,tr-vt-est,-,tvimtsmt-rmtm5trtvv0”

Then the director asked him if he felt better. He said yes.

I quickly emailed back and told the director, I had just blown him a kiss all the way from work. I asked her to see if he’d caught it.

I can’t wait to pick him up tonight and see what he had to say. I love my babies. They make me smile. They give me a reason to smile everyday and dream. Because I know when I dream and I take steps to make them happen, they watch me.  As a proud momma, I’m hoping they dream big and chase them just as hard I do.