Celebrate the Small Things: Replace Worry with Peace #FridayFeeling

Fridays are all about celebrating the Small Things thanks to a weekly blog hop created by author Lexa Cain. Joint co-hosts this week are authors L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog The mission coincides with what I’m hoping to do with my own writing, inspire and focus on the light when those slippery shadows creep around our shoes. Want to sign up? Click Lexa Cain’s link to find out more.


I tend to over worry. At everything.

Did I say the right thing? Did I write the right words so every sentence pops? Did I catch every typo because I read and reread my work and even listened to it on a pdf reader out loud? Are my kids safe? Are they okay? Do they know how to handle the world if they aren’t?

If a thought flies through my head, I evaluate it, categorize it and dissect it into a million pieces. Maybe it’s my detailed mind that makes me love words so much. In any case, to Celebrate the Small Things this week, I’ve been working to find that inner peace again and to give myself permission to let worry go.

So what do you do to begin to find it?

  1. Give yourself permission. I started this week with a mantra. I am a human being. I embrace my flaws. I try my best. I give my best. If I screw up, that’s ok. I say it multiple times until I begin to feel it.
  2. Reach out to friends. My writing friend Becky has been the best resource in writing. We’re starting new manuscripts together and I couldn’t be more excited. We write similar styles, we read similar books, and we love the same authors. I think this is one of the key points in having a great crit partner.
  3. Be open and honest. With my kids, I try to explain everything. I let them know the things in situations that can be influenced. I talk to them about being nice to people, their friends, and complimenting others when you notice someone feels down.
  4. I busy my mind. I found a really great new book to read, The Girl From Everywhere, by Heidi Heilig. I’m 63 pages in and I’m loving the pirate ship, the maps to other time periods, and the mix of characters.
  5. Do something every day you love. I began my early morning schedule again. After my busy summer of moving into a new home and cleaning up my old place, I haven’t woken up as early as I should have. I haven’t been writing like I want to. I’m a bit scared I’ve lost my character’s voice, but I think I’ll get it back. Believe, right?

Questions: What do you do to relax and regain your balance? Are you reading something great right now?

Lastly, I found this great quote by author C. JoyBell C., and it really makes sense.



About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. I like your list. Hard to do, but it makes life more enjoyable for everyone.
    I play my guitar to relax.

  2. I loved this post! You are amazing Erika! 🙂

  3. spunkonastick

    You could teach my Overcoming Obstacles seminar with me! Love your attitude.

  4. Reading is my go-to for complete relaxation, but there’s also TV, kayaking, biking, hiking, or eating vast amounts of sugar. I really need to quit that last one though.

  5. I relax (as much as I ever relax) by reading or watching a good drama. I have bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder, so relaxation peace is quite often elusive. But my dogs and my husband mean a sense of mental peace is more possible now than it ever was. 🙂


  6. A lovely post, Erika, and a wonderful way to approach the day. Enjoy!

  7. I have an over analytical mind like you, and it’s sometimes useful, a blessing even, but often it’s a pain in the neck. I’m also pursuing peace, and your suggestions are helpful, and some I know actually work like ‘do something you love everyday -in my case, one example is going to the gym. A good hard hour long workout makes me feel energized of body and relaxed of mind. I’m also pursuing peace from a different angle. I am a follower of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. He is not only the prince of peace but peace itself. The Bible tells me I can ‘tap into’ that peace. It’s available and free. I just need to get out of the way…in other words stop trying to figure everything out…just like your final quote.

    • Thank you for stopping in David and sharing your thoughts with me. I also make time for the gym and it does help. Church helps me too. Thank you and have a great rest of your day 🙂

  8. Louise@DragonspireUK

    Some good tips 🙂 I found that taking a deep breath and a step back from thoughts helps too. It can be difficult in the heat of the moment, but with practice, I’ve learned to switch off a lot more and save my over analysis for my editing

  9. Ahhh, I like that quote, as well as all the tips. We need to get out of our own heads sometimes!

  10. What a beautiful post and wonderful quotes!

  11. These are great tips. It’s hard to switch off that worry switch and go with the flow.

  12. Oh yes. I’m relating to this post a lot. Great quotes and great ideas for getting beyond all of that concern. Setting aside time to do something I love each day is a life-saver.

  13. That meme quote–basically, don’t expect the impossible from yourself–wonderful advice. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. Wonderful list! I feel ike I’m just between things this summer, between sickness and health but on the mend, between my oldest graduating and going off to college, between old habits and new, etc. But, I keep on keeping on – and that’s my positive thought. I keep praying and that helps, too. I struggled just to get some “easy” paperwork done today, but it is finished. Whew.
    I haven’t found a regular fiction book that I just love in a few weeks (a long time for me) but I did enjoy reading a comic book compilation: Superman: Birthright and I just skimmed through an old favorite that makes me laugh: Haiku U – a book of haiku which summarize classic literary novels. Laughter is always good.

  15. Great post Erika 🙂

    We all have every day choices . To look at the good things in our life, and to look at the bad things in our life. Bad things are our worries which you mention above, or in most cases the things we do not have. But good things are the things which we already have. Health, kids, life, family, love etc.

    Thank you

  16. I like to read or cook or paint when I need to relax. I am reading quite a bit right now, but I just got a pre-ordered copy of a book by Gisela Hausmann explaining the controversy behind Amazon reviews. I’ll probably finish it in one or two days. I’m trying to come up with a way to count my blessing. I used to do it on my blog but I think I need something a little more frequent and personal.

  17. Peace can be hard to find. I’ve noticed that I gain more the older I get or maybe that’s just being sick and tired of dealing with the stress 🙂 To get peace, I go outside and gaze at the trees or my animals or listen to the wind and bugs. Guess I’m a nature girl.

    • Awww…it all sounds so lovely Tonja. I am a huge nature girl too. I love watering flowers in the morning and sitting outside watching the squirrels and drinking my coffee. Thank you for stopping in 🙂

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