Mini-Interview: Ethan Klaussen

I loved every minute I spent with my grandma and my cousins in the wide open country of Kansas. So much so, I wanted to share what I loved about the land in my new story “The Wheat Witch.” Though Ethan my main character isn’t a real live human, he does miss his home and seems to have left all of his goodness there after he moved away. Here today, I’m sharing an interview by fellow author Olga Godim with him. As you read “The Wheat Witch,” I’m hoping his love for his home inspires you to find something great about your own. My own personal favorite memory about growing up in Kansas was roaming free in my neighborhood and climbing all the trees. Do you have something you miss about yours? I’d love to hear it. Happy Monday, all.

Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life

bubble_knightinterview3Our IWSG anthology, Hero Lost: Mysteries of Death and Life, includes 12 tales of heroes lost or fallen, struggling or bewildered, living in fantasy worlds or in our own. Some of them agreed to have a mini-interview on this blog.
Today I present to you Ethan Klaussen, the protagonist of Erika Beebe’s story The Wheat Witch.

Tell me about yourself—name, profession, home, family, the usual.

I don’t… well… I shouldn’t really be here at all. But I was told it was my responsibility to report my lessons. I am a “human” after all. I guess we “humans” have been flawed since the biblical time to make selfish choices. Mine, I can honestly say, was a long time meltdown.

So the beginning. Sorry to digress. Who am I? Ethan Isaac Klaussen, pleased to address your thorough questions. Born in MannHigh, Kansas in 1934. The year is 1989, isn’t…

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About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. spunkonastick

    Sadly, it’s not safe for kids to just roam like that anymore.

  2. tyreanmartinson

    I miss climbing trees, too, and roaming in my neighborhood on bicycles. 🙂

  3. When we lived in Arizona, we roamed both the town and the desert on our bikes. Fun times except for once when a rattlesnake scared the crap out of us.

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