To heck with fear. I have bigger and better things to do.

This past week has been wildly busy. Blog writing, presenting character development workshops to teens, book signings, writing contests, you name it, it has been going on.

 It’s been exciting too, not just for me, but for the sixty honors eighth grade students I worked with, and I realized something very important, I love working with teens.

I walked them through all of my favorite things, studying the Hunger Games and focused in on best friend relationships. We turned our attention on ourselves, summarizing our own traits, the traits of our best friends, and created characters based on these traits. Lastly, we wrote a first page in a story. A scenario I generated with location, details, and helped students see where to drop in their newly imagined characters to continue on where I had left off, a story telling technique I often used while babysitting as a teen myself. The workshop was a success. The book signing last night was also a success. Sure I was nervous, feeling my hands tremble and my heart flutter, but I said to myself, “To hell with fear. Move over. It’s time to do what you love to do.”

 Speaking of what we love, fear, and great characters who overcome huge obstacles to do the right and just thing, I’m shifting gears to guest Author Marissa Halvorson this morning. She’s here with me today, reflecting on her all time favorite character in a book. Since she’s been here before, no introductions are necessary …

…ah-hem…and here she is :0)

Marissa Halvorson

marissaQuestion I asked: In all your readings in your life, which Main Character will you always remember and why?

That’s a little tough. I’ve read a lot of books and fell in love with a lot of main characters. There are plenty of characters that I could tell you I will always remember. Harry Potter for example, although that isn’t so much because of the character as because of the book. I could also tell you that I really like Tris from Divergent or Zoey from the House of Night series, or even Hyla from Eye of the Soul, but I wouldn’t really have a reason other than that they are really great, well-developed characters with awesome personalities.

No, I think if I had to make a choice with a real reason behind it, I’d say my favorite main character would actually be Hermione (from Harry Potter, of course). I feel like I identify with her in many ways, and not only do I feel sympathy for many of the situations she is in, but I can actually understand it. I empathize with her, sympathize with her, and I totally understand. She is one of the few characters that I’ve read that is really like me, and the fact that she is makes me like her all the more. I mean, I don’t have her courage, but other than that, it is scary how alike we are. And because of that, I would say she’s one of my favorite main characters. And I know she isn’t technically a “main character,” but she is pretty close. That counts, right?

 Isn’t she lovely?

You can find out more about Marissa by visiting her blog or tweeting out to her.

You can find out more about the authors in One More Day by visiting my first post this month.

And lastly, remember, if you have something you really love and want to do, go for it. Fear will move over if you really really mean and want to move forward and go for it.

Hugs! Happy Friday all.

16ca4-onemoreday-blogWhere You Can Buy It?


Barnes and Noble.

You can also contact Parkside Books if you’d like a signed copy  by me. :0)

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  1. I think someone has found their passion. Don’t lose it.

    Merry Christmas!

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