Nine ways the holidays can sabotage life, and writing.

tistheseasonWhile thinking about my plans for the week, I couldn’t help but reflect over the ways the holidays change the flow of life.  I generated a list of my top nine challenges, and my plan of action in each one.

1. Shopping for last minute gifts in every spare moment. I don’t shop much in stores. But when I absolutely have to make a dash somewhere because there are always last minute items to tie up, I sing in my car to one of my favorite songs, right before I swim with the fish. I do this to build up my mood so I can smile. I remember to smile at everyone I see and then I bank all my mix of feelings and frustrations from the crowds, into a new villainous character. :0)

2. The weather. My kids were supposed to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s this past Saturday night, but an ice storm hit and my plans for wrapping and finishing up a few things didn’t get done. Then what? I roll with the moment. We did lots of indoor activities and I realized, when Mother Nature intervenes, I just might have to stay up a bit later than I wanted armed with my secret weapon the next day—coffee. Thank goodness I love it so.

3. Excitement and Naptime. Sunday, while trying to get past the 50K hump on my story and tying up loose ends, the wee one refused to take a nap. Mommy, I have to go potty. Just one more hug. Just one more kiss.  How could I ever turn down such requests? I finally got her in her room for about an hour, then my son woke up. She barreled out of the bedroom pretty quick right behind him. We ran off to do some cookie ingredient shopping when she melted down in the store. I realized then she’d snuckered (I may have made up this fun word) me out of naptime all together.  The best solution? Early bedtime. I’d just have to stay up late to write AND get up extra early the next morning to do a bit more.  

4. Overeating. Food during the holidays tends to sabotage my brain with many chemicals I never remembered having until an hour or so after I’ve eaten dinner. What I do? Give in. Give up. Having fun and eating is part of the deal. I decided my plan would be to write the next day.

5. Sugar consumption. This one piggybacks off of the one above, because I try to stay away from too much sugar on a normal day. However, Christmas and the holidays mean cooking, and lots of baked goods sitting around with the sweet sugary frosting on top. I am the frosting type of girl, and this past Sunday while baking gingerbread cookies, the smell of it tempted me beyond standable. I couldn’t help myself teased with the sweet fluffy smell and the sight of all that deliciousness. Yum. The best thoughts I have on this, use the energy while you can, and do it before you crash. I did. I wrote up a flurry of ideas.

6. Commotion all over the place. Now this one makes it really tough to do anything productive. You can’t read. You can’t think. Your nerves might be a bit on edge. Sometimes I need to step outside, feel the cold air on my face so I’m ready for more. The good news? I might also be struck with a really brilliant idea while I’m breathing outside.

7. Lack of Sleep. I’ve been the one squeezed sandwich style between my spouse and my two kids who refuse to sleep on the air mattress. More coffee. Have I mentioned how much I love drinking it? The smell does wonders for my head, too.

8. Space.  Maybe there’s no place to set the laptop out or you can’t get internet access. I’ve battled this one so many times my best bet these days, is to resort to pen and paper. I love to free hand. My ideas tend to flow more smoothly with a pen than a keyboard anyway.

9. Anxiety.  Sometimes I just can’t find a quiet spot anywhere. The best thing I know to do, is to take a walk wherever I am, unless the weather is so bad I might get lost in the snow. Walks help. The wind, the air, I feel better pretty fast. I’m already feeling better just thinking about it.

So that’s my list. If you have one you’d like to add, I’d love to hear it. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And don’t forget to check out the list of events this week.

List of Events This Week.

8e2fa-onemoreday-cover-pb-paperMonday, December 23
Bookworm Lisa

Tuesday, December 24
Emi Gayle

Friday, December 27
And Over It, Spotlight

Monday, December 30
Lauren Scharhag, A Review of One More Day

Where You Can Buy It?


Barnes and Noble.

You can also contact Parkside Books if you’d like a signed copy  by me. :0)

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  1. I’ve lived some of those events too. How we bring it all together in the end I don’t know, but I do it. I just know I try every year.

    I hope Santa was good to you and the kids. 🙂

    • Thank you for your honesty Anna. I agree. It is so important to try it every year, and I think too, no matter what happens, we really truly and honestly want to do it all. I love my family so much. I’m willing to battle dragons and swim through swamps for them, just to show them the importance in believing in the good, dreams, and to always always believe in the magic of Christmas. Big Hugs my friend. Santa was very good to them, thank you, and I hope he was good to you and Bossman too. :0)

  2. Hope things settled down for you. Happy New Year!

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