What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

About thirteen years ago, I found my first real job at a Jesuit University. I was the Assistant Web Master and fresh out of college with a BFA, an emphasis in Graphic Arts. My would be office, as I was shown after filling out all the paperwork, was painted bright glowing orange. The color stole my breath, especially after I flipped the lights. WOW! Over stimulation in seconds! I remember my soon to be boss saying something of the sort, the guy who painted it, did like a whole lot of color. Boy did he ever. :0)
Reflecting on the color of those walls had me thinking about our own reactions to color. Our moods, our closet packed with choices, and how I feel when I pick out my clothes every day.  Do I pick out that deep purple long sleeve T-shirt with the words love all over it (probably not fit for work most days) or do I grab the standard black pants, black shoes, and a dress shirt fitting in with the darker color scheme when I’m in the mood to sit at my desk and get work done. Hmmmm…
It makes sense now. Attitude controls my hands as I yank whatever I feel like in that second right off one my plastic white hangers. And after looking up colors on Google, I found people out there who spend their days studying colors and linking them to behaviors.
Anyway, think about your favorite color—your closet. Your favorite gadget like your phone or your purse. Maybe how that perfect shade of lip gloss makes you feel, or a tie. Then take a look at what I’ve posted below. Maybe, just maybe, your favorite color might tell you something deeper about yourself than you thought.
(These are my words rewording the definitions in the articles I found)
RED—You are a performer.  And you do it better than most. You live life everyday like it’s the last one. Impulsive maybe? Athletic maybe? Do you find it easy to express your thoughts to the world? The experts say you might even be a little unpredictable.
ORANGE—You can find friendship with anyone, and in return, they also love you right back. You fit in with the topic of every conversation. A politician, a historian, and quite possibly you could be a naturally persuasive person. The experts say, float with the wind in relationships.
YELLOW—This is the type A. High expectations. Big dreams. Quite possibly you might have a big picture kind of mind. Sometimes, the experts hint, you might be better at planning than execution. But never, never are you so rattled that you can’t respond to any argument. I wish I were you because no one wants to mess with you when you’re on a roll with words. :0)
GREEN—Truth. Honor. Balance.  You are like that old farm dog. Loyal to the end. You make great decisions. You have great friends. The experts say that people and finances are really important to you.
BLUE-GREEN—You have to be loved. Not only loved, but you LOVE good things, too. Always smooth on the outside, you may be hiding something deep and rocky.
BLUE—When I think of blue, I think of that great thinker. Someone who acts and always makes that perfect right move. Someone who trusts themselves. Calm. Classy. You’re perfectly fine alone, or you are equally fine with people. Successful maybe? I think so.
PURPLE—You are the sensitive soul. Insightful. Passionate. Always kind. Definitely the flower child to all things peace, love, and equal. This one is me :0)
BROWN—You know what you want, and maybe, you’ve always known? The type who doesn’t give up. The scientist personality. Sensible. Rational. You’re the one who demands facts.
PINK—It’s true! You’re the one with the rose colored glasses. The color of love. People are important to you, and also their thoughts of you. You see everyone with kind eyes and a gentle heart.
SILVER (I had to look this one up separately since I know for certain some people gravitate to that silver car) –CHANGE. You are change. Maybe you bring it. You might be the type to try anything once. You can balance the heart and the mind, with a little more mind than heart. You are definitely someone free and full of life. You live and breathe for everything spiritual.
I hope this post was fun. It was definitely fun to write. Color is incredibly important to me, being the artsy person I am. In my stories, you’ll always see threads of color in props and accents. It’s just one of those writerly details important to me. :0)
Here are the links to the articles I checked out if you’d like to peruse more.
One Very Important Side Note:
At the end of this week, I’ll be transitioning Cloud Nine Girl over to WordPress. I’m not sure how the conversion will go with all the email subscriptions, so if you don’t see a post on Monday, November 4, please type in http://www.erikabeebe.com and resubscribe.

Thank you, and don’t forget…


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  1. GREEN! I think it fits, mostly. 🙂 Looking forward to following you in your move! Love ya, girl!

  2. Love you! Miss you! I love all the pictures of your family by the way. :0) ~E

  3. I've exported/imported to wordpress it was too easy. Kept my comments and everything. I still kept the blogger page for referral only. And it makes leaving comments on blogger a breeze. 🙂

  4. Oh good! I'm nervous but ready. The design is done and I love my new page. Hopefully tonight, Anna, after the kiddies are tucked in bed. :0) I love your brainstorming app by the way. Thank you for dropping in my friend.

  5. Yay for colorful personality tests! I can never help trying to see where some of my characters fit with these things, and what do you know: This summary seems right on for red (Will Scarlet), green (Robin Hood) and blue-green/blue (Allyn-a-Dale)!

    • Thank you Danielle. I love studying color and seeing where my characters fit. It also helps me make decisions on motive when I face those difficult scenes and I can see many different possibilities. Have a terrific weekend. :o)

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