Day 5: My Pet Peeves, Then and Now

Imagine this… 
…you have been standing in a really long line for at least thirty minutes. It’s your lunch break. You have to buy what is in your arms. It is the perfect thing and you drove forever to get to that store. Everyone’s cart is full. You are fidgety, shifting back and forth, staring at your watch, smiling at the people around you, when someone in a really nice suit is talking on their cell, looks at you, looks at the line—a cashier is suddenly free! It is your turn! You step forward and… they do that horrible thing they do. They cut in front of you…

…What do you do?

You decide to visit the gym. You have your perfect music play list to motivate you and help you work harder. You jump on your favorite cardio machine and you start to sweat. It is a fast interval moment, where you are pushing yourself and maybe you have closed your eyes so proud to be in that moment wanting to make it all the way…

And then…

….a stinky bomb sneaks up your nose and you gag and wince—and you just want to die it stinks so bad! Yes. A stinky fart so potent has silently bombed the whole gym and permanently stained your nostrils for the rest of your life…three times!

…What do you do?

You are at a party…

…Your favorite music is playing. The lights are amazing. You’re in your favorite outfit feeling pretty darn good about yourself. You meet a friend. Not someone close, but someone you respect, and they smile. You smile. They start to talk and you say something, but they interrupt. And then they’re talking some more and they just won’t stop talking about themselves. Minutes pass. It feels like hours and they’re still talking…

…What do you do?

You have had a really bad day at work. Traffic was a mess. You waited on the highway for a good hour. You get home. The kids are having fun. Dinner smells good. You take your shoes off, head upstairs and crunch a toy right under your foot! It burns! It stings! And then there’s the kitchen counter! You cleaned the whole thing just five minutes before and when you turn around, there’s a trail of bread crumbs like a mouse had just destroyed an entire loaf of bread….ack!

….What do you do?

Pet peeves make me laugh. Especially as I’m capturing some of them now. They seemed so important in the moment, but in looking back, they are kind of funny. Some pet peeves become big things. Some peeves are so big it distorts the way we can look at a person at times, but you know what? After I’ve had a chance to look mine over, I’ve come to a really great cloud nine moment. They are not so big. Well, maybe the line-cutting lady, but I did end up saying something to her, which resulted in an immediate apology and a hustle to the back of the line.

We all have our idiosyncrasies. We all have our moments where we just don’t make sense to someone else. And as I get older, it is becoming more about believing in doing the right thing by someone else. And sometimes I have to believe the best in someone else, because it is also the right thing to do. Maybe the lady on the cell who cut in line had a terrible moment in her life right then. Maybe the guy passing wind on the treadmill was so embarrassed he didn’t know what to do. That toy? That counter? I can live with that.

Because then I think, there are so many other wonderful things about people, so many things the people I love in my life share with me.


About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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