Thirty Random Facts: A Blog Challenge

This is Day One in a Thirty Day Blog Challenge. I promise to do my best!

So here goes! Thirty Random Facts of nonsense about me.

  1. I love making outlines and graphic organizers so this is a perfect challenge for me! Thank you Miss Banana Pants. I’m hoping I’ll grow a little with your questions each day.
  2. I named my blog Cloud Nine Girl because I’ve been known to be a huge dreamer. Daydreamer, doodler, you name it. My head is in the clouds planning and thinking about all the what-ifs.
  3. I am Left-Handed and from what I’ve been told, that means I’m 10% of the backwards population. ;0)
  4. Superhero movies are also my favorite. Anytime! Anyplace! Hancock, The Avengers, Iron Man, the Hulk. I think it’s because they end happy. And doing impossible things to help others? I’d love to do that.
  5. I grew up in a zoo. Seriously. From the day I turned 13 I started volunteering in a zoo, studying animal behavior, and well, I cleaned up after them too.
  6. If I could pick a food today, I’d pick steak. I didn’t learn to like it until I went off to college, but that’s only because I’d never cooked for myself. Carrabba’s has a Steak Marsala that makes my mouth water…like now!
  7. I once had my hair cut like a boy. Short. Permed. The reason? I wanted to try out for Little Orphan Annie in the traveling production that came to my hometown. I never made it to try-outs, but I have all sorts of bad pictures to remind myself of that horrible haircut.
  8. I absolutely without a doubt disliked the color pink for most of my life. I think my mom and grandma filled my closet with pink clothes. I didn’t want to be a princess then, more like a bull in a china cabinet if you asked me. But I’ve grown UP. Now I have one or two pink shirts in my closet again. Sorry mom for fighting you so hard.
  9. I have never been able to get away with a single lie. I think I have at least 10 Jiminy Crickets on each of my shoulders. The few times I tried, I think I wore “I am lying,” all over my face. Yeah. A spanking. Grounded for a week.
  10. In the fifth grade I wrote a 5-page apology letter to my BFF for winning an argument over a hamburger. She didn’t want to eat where I did, but she went with me anyway. I felt terrible, but she still loves me.
  11. I am a living and breathing Tasmanian Devil. A room could fall apart the second I walk through the front door. My poor roommates in college. And organizing the house? Well, let’s just say it’s not the top priority when I get home every day. Sorry honey.
  12. I’ve been known to be an exercise junky. So when my son was born, and I went running for the first time after the 6-week all clear, my foot swelled up the size of a watermelon. I’d broke it when pregnant and didn’t know it and right now, I’m not quite brave enough to undergo the two surgeries to fix it.
  13. I couldn’t read until I was almost eight. I wrote backwards. I couldn’t make sense of letters. The doctors said it was because of a lazy eye. Who knows. What I do know is this, my first grade teacher saved me. She had the faith and dedication to work with me every day. She changed my life and now I am a reading junky.
  14. I am proud to say, I grew up in the Mennonite faith. Not all Mennonites wear black hats and ride on horses or in buggies. ;0)
  15. I am better with strangers than the people I know. I don’t like admitting it, but it’s true. I think I’m always so caught up in saying the right thing, thinking it has to be perfect. I know it doesn’t and it’s something I am working on.
  16. I love Gerber daisies. Especially a really pretty bundle of mixed colors. The bright red ones are my favorite.
  17. I am addicted to HGTV. I’d fall asleep to it every night if I could.
  18. I once dropped forty pounds in three months. How did I do it? I used to picture all the things I loved to eat as rotten and full of bugs until I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of them. My coworker thinks I’m weird because I don’t like donuts. I used to, but somehow, I sort of ruined them for myself.
  19. Climbing trees is one of my favorite things to do. When I see one, and when I have time, I like to dangle from the branches.
  20. I teach Yoga. It’s really fun! I never thought I’d like it because you have to be comfortable with being quiet, and I couldn’t do that for a very long time in my life.
  21. I became an aerobics instructor when I was nineteen to master my fear of standing up in the front of a crowd, which relates to the next item on my list.
  22. Public speaking is now one of my favorite things to do! I feel so full of life and energy, and I love reaching out to people. I love watching the light bulb go on when others relate to what I’m talking about.
  23. I am terrified of roller coasters. So when I turned 21, it was the first thing I Swore I had to do. Go to Worlds of Fun and ride every last roller coaster at least two times.
  24. I can’t do a headstand. So now I’ve set a goal for myself. This year, I will build the arm strength I need to finally, meet this challenge.
  25. I am not the biggest fan of Barbie Dolls. They serve their purpose. I had quite the collection of them at one point to fit in with my friends, but I LOVE Breyer Horses. I spent every last dollar of my allowance buying those things. I even went to a YMCA camp when I was twelve to learn how to ride and care for horses.
  26. I spoke like Shakespeare for an entire summer. I swore, before I went into high school, I had to like the way he wrote. So I read every story I could at the library, preparing myself for my future studies. The Tempest was my favorite back then because it didn’t end in death. At least, not that I can remember. I know. NERD!!
  27. I love to fish. The problem? I don’t like taking the fish off the hooks so I have to wear gloves. I think it freaks me out when they wiggle in my hands. I don’t want to hurt them and I once made it worse for a poor fish and he died when I finally got the hook out of his mouth.
  28. I love to travel. I’d go back to Scotland and Italy in a heartbeat, though Scotland trumps Italy, because everyone in Scotland kept kissing me on the cheeks. :0)
  29. I am plain terrible at Math. Chemistry falls into the same category. I’m such an experiencer and a visual learner, if I can’t see how it fits together in my head, there is no way I can remember how to make a formula work. Now biology? That subject is easy.
  30. I am a morning person. I always have been. My best friends used to get so mad at me when I’d sleep over. I wondered why my friends stopped inviting me for short periods of time. It’s because I’d fall asleep like clockwork about—oooh—9:00 p.m.
So there is day one! I hope I didn’t bore you to death.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. LOL at #10…I still have that letter! 🙂 And I am so with you on #29. Not the math part, but I HATE chemistry and LOVE biology. Oh, I so remember sitting awake watching a movie and eating all the junk food we had gotten for a late night of fun into the wee hours of the morning while you snoooooozed away on the couch. Now I'm the same person you were…can hardly keep my eyes open in the evenings! Hello, motherhood! 🙂

  2. That reminds me! I had a quick flash of you and me in your giant sleeper couch in the living room, trying to get some sleep, but then your brother (another morning kiddo as I recall) came down before the sun and sat on us, turning on the TV so he could catch the Saturday morning cartoons.I am also remembering you birthday party! And we had these glow sticks, playing hide and go seek and I was the last kid standing! I remember tearing off down the road with everyone chasing me! Talk about panic! heheheThank you for making me smile today. I needed it! Love you!

  3. #4 — The Avengers movie forever!#10 — I probably owe my best friend an apology letter or two; I've put her through some hamburger incidents, over the years…#23 — I used to love rollercoasters (so long as they didn't have any vertical drops). Then I got paranoid about everything that could go wrong, so it may be a while before I ride again.#25 — I collected little horse figurines as a kid! And Barbies. And stuffed animals. Basically, I thought leaving the house meant I should come home with a new toy. X)Thanks for sharing! A list of 30 things is a doozy to come up with.

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  5. Thank you for stopping in and taking the time to share the moments from your own life! It's fun to remember all these important parts of our lives. The Avengers is definitely my favorite too! Hulk had the best line in there of all times…and the rollercoasters? I'm sort of scared of them breaking down too. LOL~Erika

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