My Best Things In Life Are….

  1. A really great cup of steaming coffee. For me, there is no better way to wake up. 
  2. Stargazing, and catching sight of a shooting star. 
  3. Summer breezes on my face. 
  4. Seeing beautiful places I studied back in school. The Sistine Chapel was amazing. 
  5. Waking up first thing with my babies. To their smiles. Their hugs and their sweet voices saying, “Momma, come snuggle me!” 
  6. When my husband smiles. He has a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes. 
  7. A really great workout where you muscles are a little trembly afterwards, and you feel like you just rocked it. 
  8. I love music. So when one of my favorite songs happens to be playing at the very second I’m listening, my whole day brightens. It sort of feels meant to be. 
  9. The smell of fresh flowers. 
  10. When a stranger smiles at you or holds the door open to be polite. 
  11. A sweet text from a friend. 
  12. Getting ready for Christmas. The music. The laughter. The great smells in the kitchen from baking all the goodies. 
  13. Peanut butter and chocolate! Yum…. 
  14. Knowing a strange fact no one else does, and silencing a room when you say it. Those moments are rare, but fun. 
  15. Making chocolate chip cookies with the kids! 
  16. Hearing them laugh and tell me all their silly stories. I’ll never forget my son’s explanation of Werewolf Jesus. 
  17. Swinging on swings. 
  18. Road trips with your besties. Thanks T and Becky! I’ll never forget how you taught me how to ski. 
  19. My first kiss. 
  20. When my husband plays me a song, that reminded him of me. 
  21. Family time in the living room! 
  22. Dance parties! I love to play some of the kid videos and watch the kids race around the living room and dance. I love to dance right there with them. 
  23. When my kids want to do something because they see me doing it…Yoga, cleaning the kitchen floors, and the shower. 
  24. Knowing my friends are there for me anytime. Anyplace. 
  25. Feeling someone care about you. 
  26. Playing with a puppy or a kitty. 
  27. Holding a baby and feeling them snuggle in your arms. 
  28. Painting a really great view. 
  29. Singing a song out loud and completely out of pitch because it feels so good. 
  30. The beach, when the suns warm on your face. The sand between your toes! 
  31. A bubble bath. 
  32. Giggling at a really funny memory or something someone says and it just feels good to laugh. 
  33. Having someone tell you, you’re beautiful. 
  34. Finding lost money in your pocket. 
  35. Watching my favorite feel good movie when it’s cold and rainy outside. 
  36. I could go on and on….
What’s your favorite thing?

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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