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Make The Moment Yours. Sharing My Baby Steps.

Monday Afternoon.

I walked down the hallway, past my kids bedrooms.

They stirred from their pillows, waking up from their naps.

I looked around me. The house was a disaster—toys in every room—coats, shoes, paper airplanes littered every spot on the floor and on the furniture.

It was time to do something—

I organized a marching parade. Toys in hand, we filed to our rooms singing and stomping, carting our possessions to the places they belonged.

After a few minutes I walked past my son’s room. I heard nothing—no singing—no clatter of falling plastic, so I peeked in and sure enough, distraction had a hold of him on the bed. He sat on his pillow with a couple of ninja turtles in his hands—the blue and the red one; Donatello and Raphael, I think.

At first I frowned—then I laughed. It’s a great reminder of how I cleaned my room as a kid. My mom said she’d send me in to organize the chaos. I didn’t fight her. I went in like a soldier and shoved things around. Two hours later she’d peek in, and in cleaning my room, I found all sorts of lost toys and failed my task. Instead of spending 1 hour and 45 minutes on my room, I maybe spent 15 minutes tops. Distraction grabbed me too, and I secretly played with my toys the entire rest of the time. It was a huge lesson for me. Time. Organization. Taking charge of my life. It hasn’t been easy because it’s not natural to me, but being a student in architecture helped. I learned how to chart my day. To set goals and manage my time so thoroughly the possibility of success every minute became possible.

Today, I don’t have a moment to spare. Between the kids, a full time job, getting stuff done around the house, if I add a dream to my list, some days it feels almost impossible. But I’ve figured out a way to make it work and I thought I’d share what I do to get myself on track.

So here’s my list: My Top Five things. There’s an article related to exercise and the top five things to make it routine I’ve also attached below.

1. Fix My Outlook. I do this as quickly as I can. I find something great like a photo or a quote or maybe a song. I know if my thoughts are ready for action, I’m more likely to act in ways to get me what I want and hope for.

2. Set a goal. This one is tough. Specifics are helpful. List out resources, a time frame for your accomplishment, and picture the end result when you’re done. Here’s an example.
                    I strive to be a writer everyday (my dream/vision)

                    Goal: Complete revisions to my book by the end of February and prepare pdf files to send to my friends for feedback.

                    Step One: Brainstorm and outline and write each chapter.
                    Step Two: Review what I wrote the day before and fix it.

                    Step Three: Send out finished chapters to my friends and make changes as necessary based on their feedback.

3. Schedule a Regular time to complete your goal.
    For me? 4:30 a.m. Why? Because my brain works better early. I’m fresh. I don’t have distracting thoughts floating through my mind, threatening to ambush me. It’s quiet. It’s dark. And I can drink my coffee and think.

4. How can you make your goal fun? Spice it up with a little variety?
    This blog helps me. I won’t improve if I don’t write every day. It’s the same thing with working out, eating right, and studying for a test or a new profession. I find something inspiring first thing. A quote. A pretty picture. YouTube videos are pretty great too. If I’m trying to write a scene, I search for a video to help paint my picture. I want to stimulate my brain in some way to get me on track. I’m a visual learner and videos stir emotions, which is what I need to make up a character.

5. Reach out to others for support.

I didn’t realize I had a network or a support system out there. People are ready and willing to help me proof and ask questions. Thank you. I am so grateful for your help. This blog is one giant blessing.

And how will I help my son who reminds me so much of myself at times? Let him be silly. Let him be the person he is. Baby steps. We’ll figure it out together and most certainly, let him  be a kid.

And don’t forget:


Here’s the link to the article. I think these five things can apply to any goal.

5 ways to stay motivated to exercise from Gaiam.

Today is the Perfect Day to Start Somewhere

This is a perfect day to dream big.

Define your wishes.

Think about your goals.

So I’m throwing out a bunch of thoughts at you and I’m answering them for myself, hoping I can help you get the juices flowing in your brain.

What are you good at?

I’m good with my kids. I’m good at talking with them, playing with them, and helping them be the individuals they are. I’m good at commitment. If I say I’ll do it, you can bet I will. I like to set goals. I like to break down the steps. But look out. Once I put it all down, it’s a personal mission to fulfill it. I’m good at writing. Stories swim in my head and if you give me five minutes, I could probably spin something pretty fun with just a couple of trigger words.

What do you want the most?

I want to show my kids what it’s like to dream and go for them. Personally, I strive to be an author someday. To have my work out there and share my ideas with the world.

If you had one word to describe yourself, what would you pick?

For me, Energy. There’s no doubt in my mind if someone waved a magic wand and took it away from me, well, I don’t think I’d ever be the same.

When you were little, what sort of friend were you?

I think I liked to lead. I think I liked to make up the games. I have this memory from recess, waiting in line with my classmates, ready and fidgety not wanting to go back to class. We stood in a messy line thinking the teacher would show any second. I didn’t need another second. I showed everyone how to escape in our minds creating a scene. An ocean. We became a bunch of hungry sharks swimming around in circles, jumping off benches.

And lastly, if money weren’t an option, what would you be doing right this second?

Helping people find their dreams, and writing. I’d volunteer in the schools. I’d volunteer to help people in many capacities.  I’d volunteer at the animal shelters with the dogs and the cats, taking in foster animals whenever I could. And I’d take my kiddos. Because I believe in teaching others, there is a bigger world than me.

So what’s my point tonight because, wow, I know, I’m all over the place.

I’m reflecting on the day: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday. His words and actions left a mark behind, changing us forever. He was a man. A man with hopes, and dreams, and fears like the rest. His words will forever stay with me. So I’m wondering, what can I do to leave my mark? It doesn’t have to be a big one. Just one that makes me happy.

And I’m hoping the same for you.

Happy Monday!

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Monday Motivation: Staring Challenge in the Face

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you woke up and your day was absolutely flawless? You’re mood was perfect. None of the kids were crying. You didn’t have to iron that shirt. The coffee pot didn’t make a giant mess all over the counter and you got in your car, zoomed off to work and there was no bumper to bumper traffic; in fact everyone just sort of moved out of your way, or your car sprouted hovercraft wheels and you zoomed right over it(totally my dream once while I tapped my fingers on my steering wheel). Maybe when you got to work, you were in that meeting and everyone listened. Everyone agreed your solution was the best. You just became a hero on the spot.


I’ve been known to swear at traffic before. I’ve spilled coffee all over my shirt. And ironing? It’s one of the things I don’t like doing because I’ve tended to burn a shirt or two in my past. Even my husband’s shirts and pants. EEK! Meetings? I’ve led them. And once I had a lady start crying in the middle of a meeting, right out of nowhere. She didn’t want to go to work anymore. And this morning, one of my kiddos is down for the count heavy with the flu, eyes watery and nose running, body aches, a moderate fever. Not to mention we’re working on potty training the wee one and that is a HUGE challenge all by itself.

I’m thinking about challenges today. Deadlines. Pressures. How we deal with people we’re around when we feel the heat. How I respond when my little girl, a giant handful, is screaming at the top of her lungs about how she refuses to go on the potty. We sit. We try. And she gets off and goes in her pants two seconds later. So this time, we’re using bubbles as a distraction technique. A great suggestion by a coworker by the way.

I love this Michael Jordan quote. Heck, growing up, I plain loved Michael Jordan. All he had to do was step out on the court and I’d get all giddy. I remember the excitement I felt every time I watched him dunk a ball. Maybe it was his giant smile in all the commercials and his bright eyes that smiled just as big. It could have been Bugs Bunny because I loved cartoons—who knows, but I liked him.

So when he says words like this, it really makes me think. I wonder about the reason why I didn’t succeed in the past. I wonder about the reasons in every challenge why I stopped or got frustrated and why I hate ironing so much. It’s that human thing again. We are on fire the first time. We’re a little shaky the next time. And maybe the third time we try, we end up totally pulling away because it didn’t work. Again.

Failure. Burnt clothes. Angry attitudes. And a warm bed that just might keep me there after the alarm has gone off. Ugh. But it’s all part of the process. Not everyone is going to agree with me, or get out of my way on the road, or want to change their life in order to go potty in the pot because it’s easier for me—sometimes it’s that stupid iron. Oh well. I just have to laugh. I have to shake it off. And I’ll keep trying.

Living Wednesday Like an Almost Monday

How many times have you really wanted something—you started off strong—kept the fire burning hot, and then a cold bucket of water poured right over the top of your head.

I have changed my mind in life so many times. Always a busy person. Always moving. Fitness was a natural thing for me. I wanted to be a dietitian, until I looked six years of school in the face and realized the expense of school didn’t match with the paycheck. I wanted to be a zoologist, but discovered I had a ferocious allergy to pet dander. A landscape architect was probably my favorite career dream of the past—until my body fizzled out leaving me with nothing but a huge fever, bed rest, and a brain ache from the sleep deprivation; the gentle persuasion from those around me to figure out something else didn’t help either.

Today is a different moment. I learned I can be many different things in life.  I learned to take a hard look at the things I love and weigh them in weight.  Just like the Marilyn quote, I have the one thing now that I really dream about and wish for more than anything. But I can’t give up. I have to open my mind to feedback, the growth I’ll gain from it, and always write and read every day.  There’s no time for excuses; there will always be competition, but  I can dream harder.
So what did I do today to get me that much closer?

I have one major revision to make in my book based on a recent writing workshop I completed with a literary agency in New York. I have to change the reaction of a character, which is sort of a domino effect for the following chapters. So I set my alarm to 5:00 a.m. I set the coffee pot to go off so the smell and the steam would draw me right from the bed. I had the computer sleeping so I could sit right down, sip my coffee and write. And I did. For one entire hour before it was time to get ready for work. And you know what? I was more organized today than I’d been in a long time.
And tomorrow? 4:30 a.m. is my goal. I’m inching my way into a 4:00 a.m. routine. I know, that’s an almost ungodly time of day. But I have to. I know I can do it. ;0)