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Just a girl in love with every summer night

….I was in love with summer nights. I used to stargaze every chance my mom let me and I couldn’t wait for the sun to disappear.  I’d lay out in the cool grass. The breeze tickled over my arms and legs—even my toes. I never wore shoes.  I liked to feel the ground squish between my toes. Then I’d look up and stare and I’d tell the stars my dreams.  
…what did you do when you were little?
…what did it take to get you to dream?
Take a moment to think about that place. The feeling. Think about your wish list back then.  I don’t know what the weather will be like for me this weekend…but I’m going to stargaze. I’m going to say my wishes out-loud. 
What can it hurt?
I’m sort of hoping it will give me the energy I felt back when I was kid. Because sometimes it seems when moments seem a little harder, all we need is to look through our eyes as we did when we were little…