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Trust the Process #IWSG #AMWRITING

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Trust in the process

This month, I’ve decided to go my own way with my own insecurity–trust in a new fluid writing process.

When I write, I always have a plan from the beginning, middle to end, and all the details in between. I use excel and plot out the moon patterns in a month, the days of the week and where every character is in the story during a certain point in the plot. I define the plot points, and then finally, I start to write.

Not this new draft. Now, I’m biting my nails totally insecure. This new draft is more of an organic process. I still have the end in mind, but my outlining techniques have changed. I did create the first 6 chapters with my editors approval. Then something interesting happened. She told me to stop. She told me to write. I admit, my energy was there. I was hearing the dialogue, seeing the scenes. Plus, one of my writing friend’s who connected  me with my editor, mentioned I should always listen to the editor’s every word of advice. So I have. But now that I’m well past these 6 chapters, my initial excitement has morphed into creative release mixed with a gripping fear all at once. A true sense of the experience of a roller coaster? That pretty much sums it up. I guess since this is the second/sort of third draft, and I do have a great sense of my characters, maybe it will be okay? *scrunching up face and clenching hands *

I know my editor believes. I believe in her. I just hope I can believe in me, and continue to allow the process to lead.

Any thoughts on how you begin a second draft revision process?  I’d love to hear it.