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One More Day Is Here :0)

snoopyThe day has arrived where I can do my happy dance all day long, correction, all month long. I’m talking Snoopy style, with my face up to the sunshine and my arms out so I can catch some, too.

One More Day is officially out in the world and today is the big first day of our official Blog Tour, so stay with us this month. Sign up for some free fun stuff. Help me, and six other lovely ladies celebrate something wonderful.

 Speaking of lovely ladies …

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to them. I’d have to say, my dreams might have not come true so soon without each one of these fantastic authors. I’ve asked them to reflect on a question that means a lot to me. Something of course about books and if they could pick one character who influenced them, who might this character be…

L.S. Murphy

lsmurphyWhat I Have to Say About Her: I have a goal. Someday, in some way, I may be half as organized as she is. Precise. Spreadsheet style organized, she sees and does and predicts it all. Thank you Ms. Murphy, for sharing some of your streamlining processes with me. I am actively using the chapter by chapter spreadsheet. It is one of the most amazing things since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for an author. Really. :0)

Favorite Color: Black.
Favorite Food: Chips & salsa.
Reflecting on Character: This is a tough question. I’ve read so many characters who have connected with me on different levels. I’m going to pick Steve from Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas. This is the novel that steered me toward writing for young adults. When I finished reading it, all I could think about was how much I wished I had this book when I was younger. Steve’s journey, while different from my own during my parents’ divorce, resonated me on a level no other book had. His attitude mimicked my own at his age. Rats Saw God is a brilliant novel.

Kimberly Kay.

kimkayWhat I Have to Say About Her: An illustrating and writing genius. Her drawings are incredible. I’m in awe of anyone who puts the pencil to paper and turns that paper into life. Drop by her blog. You’ll see what I mean.

My favorite color is peacock blue.
My favorite food is Teriyaki salmon with garlic mashed potatoes. It’s an acquired taste. 😉

Behold, my all-time favorite book character: 

There really are few questions harder to answer than that one, for book people at least. After looking at the books stacked and flung across the shelves and floor space of my room (and the rest of my apartment), I’d have to say my favorite character is Kyra from Bridget Zinn’s, POISON. What impresses me most about Kyra is that she’s a very well-developed main character. A lot of the time in books, though the main character tells the story, a side character has to help the MC out to keep the interest up, usually by displaying loyalty, humor, love, etc. Kyra is capable of standing completely by herself as the main character of the story (which is incredibly important, because most of her journey she takes alone.) She’s dedicated, humorous, dangerous, but also loyal, sincere, and loving. It’s a lot of all around depth stuffed into one human being–er, uh, character–and I greatly respect a character that convinces me to forget, for one moment, that they don’t actually exist.

 J. Keller Ford.

fordWhat I Have to Say About Her: Without this sweet dragon loving lady, I wouldn’t be watching my dreams come true. Always encouraging and kind, she’s the one who checks in, just because she cares. Thank you Jenny.

Favorite Color: My favorite color is yellow, like the yellow in a rose.
Favorite Food: OMGosh. That’s difficult.  I’d have to say king crab legs or lobster.
Reflecting Over Character: I can’t say that one particular character or author has influenced the way I write, but rather a genre.  As a child, I was in love with fairy tales, magic, dragons, knights who rescued fair damsels.  I love the romanticism, the belief that no matter how hard things get, no matter what obstacles are thrown at us, no matter how evil gets, dreams can and do come true as long as we believe.  A song that guides me in my writing as well as in my life, is a song from Disney’s animated version of Cinderella:  “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. It speaks to me and keeps me writing.


Marissa Halvorson.

marissaWhat I Have to Say About Her: This sweet lady is always helping other dreamers out there. Reading, reviewing, she’s quick, she’s organized, and she asks some of the most brilliant questions relative to all. 

Well, my favorite color has changed a lot over the years, but at the moment it is steady at purple. I’m not entirely sure why. I think I like it because it is such a rich color.

As for my favorite food, I’m a huge pasta lover. Once I finish university and move out, I can almost picture the cupboards in my house being full of pasta. It’ll probably be all I ever eat for the first while. And as for why I like it so much … well, I think that I love that it’s all basically the same—pasta and sauce—but there are so many variations you can add to it. You can add mushrooms, or meats, or you can spice up the sauce. Every time you have pasta it is different, whether you’re trying for different or not.

Her Reflection on Character: With so many wonderful words, I’ll be featuring a guest post with her Friday, December 20.

Anna Simpson.

simpsonWhat I Have to Say About Her: Anna is a mover and a shaker when it comes to plot. Maybe even the queen in plot development.  She’s sharpened my ability to look for holes, inconsistencies, and how to write for impact. I’m good with character, and now Anna’s taught me how to be better with plot.  Stop by Thursday as I am lucky enough to have a guest post from her.

Favorite Color: Blue, but not just any blue. It’s the blue of an open sky in the autumn, and of crisp cold air. It’s not just a color but a feeling, a state of mind.
Favorite Food: Vanilla ice cream is the best of the best, because it is the beginning of great sundays, and thick milkshakes. It is like a blank page just waiting for someone to come a long and make it theirs.

Danielle Shipley.

shipleyWhat I Have to Say About Danielle: She makes me smile.  She works hard, she comes up with so many creative characters and stories on her blog, I’m in awe.  Plus, she loves a great fable and fairy tale just as much as I do—only she writes them.

Favorite color: Blue, always and forever!
Favorite food: Fresh strawberries — preferably sliced and lightly sprinkled with sugar, but I’ll happily eat ’em straight. 🙂

Now, You’ve Met Them All … 

… and I couldn’t be happier.  Jump along today to visit L.S. Murphy at Reader Girls and sign up for some great free stuff. Oh! Wednesday! I’ll be at Lola’s Reviews and see what I have to say about character. There’s free stuff there too. :0)

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