Stepping Stones In My Life

rockEver had a friend with the best laugh?

Or looked into the face of someone who means so much and smiled just because of the sparkle in their eyes?

My good writing friend Marty once drew me a picture of a path of rocks in a stream of water. Black ink. Yellow Paper. And giant swirly lines. She has this great cursive, almost calligraphic writing style where art and writing become one. The way her hand moves when she draws and writes, is really swirly too.

Marty is one of my oldest and dearest writing friends. Poetic, loyal, she knows how to push in all the right ways. She’d also said something along these lines to me not so long ago: we all have dreams and wishes, but not all of us have the guts to pursue them.

I’m writing about her today, because not only has she organized my favorite writers group I’ve belonged to for years and years and years, but she has always seen success in me, telling me that I have guts, gusto, whatever you want to call it.

I’ve been working on this plot for a YA idea novel for what seems like forever. Six years to be exact. It’s funny looking back, because you think you write a book and wham! It’s great! Then you face the hard realization after rejection and rejection, that oh boy, there is still so much to learn.

Yes, I was given a great imagination. Yes, story telling is another important skill for me too. But the craft is something I’ve had to learn and study, like a science formula, you face a problem devised in your very own head, and there are so many ways to create the solution.

I am still learning the craft, my next stepping stone. My voice is stronger. I take criticism well, but the important thing? Marty is right. Writing is my happiness. Its more me than any other skill I have. Of course I’ve been frustrated. Heck, I have taken off half a year to get through some personal struggles. But quitting? What’s that?

So thank you Marty for starting up our writers group again. Thank you for always reminding me of that path of rocks you drew for me so long ago. I’m still jumping across. I haven’t quite reached the mud on the other side, but I can see it. I can feel the sunshine.

And the purpose for the rock above, you might wonder? It’s my daughter’s sweet little rock. She cherishes them and shares her little bits of sunshine with me.

So if nothing I’ve said up to this point has meant a hill of beans, I’m hoping this great quote will (the graphic came from Writers Write):



Happy Wednesday, all. May you move somewhere and in someway toward the direction of your dreams. 🙂

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. This is extraordinary… you make me cry in the very best way. You’re not only Cloud Nine Girl, you’re also that Gutsy Girl. And much loved.
    You Are My Sunshine is the song I always sang to my sons. I hope you and your daughter sing it at the top or your lungs.
    And yes, yes. The stepping stones symbolize our path and our life’s journey. We get where we’re going–one scary step at a time.
    Thank you for this lovely, unexpected tribute.

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