A Simple Reflection On Dreaming, Sunshine, and Patience

Today, is a beautiful Monday. I’m looking out my patio door and taking in the sight of the sunshine brightening all that it touches: the brittle trees, the street not far from my house, the dry grass in the yard, and my heart. I can’t help but reflect on my place in life and all my dreams that brought me to this moment: having a family, having a home, making something out of my writing abilities. None of my dreams happened in a cookie cutter fashion, but they’re still happening.

I picked this quote today as a reminder to hold on to things inside of you, you still want. Maybe it’s not happening to you exactly as you dreamed and hoped, and maybe you’re taking a course you never imagined or planned to take to get there. Don’t give up. Patience hasn’t always been one of my strongest abilities, but boy is it teaching me the real art of appreciation as I see the hints along the way that yes, my dreams are rooting deeper, and the leaves are starting to spring to life.

Believe with all your heart, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Happy Monday. May your week be awesome!



About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. I am where I’m supposed to be… on the up-and-up!

  2. I can’t agree more. I told my niece once that being an adult was wonderful because we had the ability to make our dreams come true. I still believe this. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

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