Free Book: The Onion meets the Brothers Grimm

Recently, I have connected with The Grimm Report, a mock-tabloid style publication combining tradition news reporting with my all time favorite things: fairy tales, folklore, and nursery rhymes. Just last night I was reading one of their posts, “Little Foo Foo Assigned Anger Management,” and I couldn’t stop laughing. So if you need a chuckle, maybe a great way to break up your day and change your direction, take a peek at their free online book. You can also visit their site at, And thank you to The Grimm Report. I love to laugh, and I adore the content. ~Erika

If you have a nose for satire, are reading this blog, and like getting free stuff… chances are you’ll love the new free e-book just unleashed by the folks over at The Grimm Report.

Our Brothers Grimmest (think The Onion set in Far Far Away), is a great way to catch up on all the hilarious stories The Grimm Report has been putting out since last November. Written in mock-tabloid fashion, articles include Snow White’s unfortunate encounter with too many appletinis, the Magic Mirror’s new job judging “The Voice,” Rumplestiltskin’s legal name change, and a collection of “Dear Crabby” letters between a snarky self-help guru and maladjusted fairy tale characters.

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  1. You’re too kind 😉 Thanks.

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