Drowning in your dishwasher? Don’t forget your phone.


Recently, my dishwasher has been terribly under the weather. Top rack problems. Water sprayer problems. And the best part is? I’ve developed a new nickname—
Just call me Mrs. Plumber.
For over a week, bound and determined, I leaned over my laptop Googling just about any fix-it article related to dishwashers. Questions. Articles. Step-by-Step Resources. And because of my learning style, I finally settled in on Podcasts. Isn’t YouTube great?
There’s a line though. You have to stop reading and start acting—a hard lesson for me since I LOVE reading. So one night, I put my foot down. I stopped researching and decided, why the heck not. With my laptop on the floor, the tools required according to the podcast I’d watched more than a couple of times, I used that screwdriver and my own bare hands.
I took off the top tray. I shifted the arm of the dishwasher loose, the arm stretching up the entire back wall.   I quickly maxed out my shoulder skills and thank goodness, my problem-solving husband stepped in. Together we wrestled the dishwasher into pieces, baptized our hands in the soap scum grime and yes, if you haven’t ever cleaned your dishwasher all the way to the motor, there are guts—messy dirty guts inside. ;0) I’m sure your excited I didn’t take any pictures of that because it wasn’t very pretty.
You want to know what the weird part is?
I had fun. I felt really really accomplished, and I never would have come close to tempting such a task if I didn’t live right here and right now. Life is at the touch of our fingers, literally speaking for once. You can find anything you want with a small and very necessary second brain, the cell phone. Do you know anyone who hasn’t ever had one? I don’t think I can come up with a single name. But since I still have to get on board with upgrading my phone plan to one with internet plan and buy myself a smartphone, I can’t really say I’m totally up to speed. I know. Welcome to the new decade Erika.
So how do dishwashers and phones relate to our dreams?  Phones and internet can deliver worlds to us by the touch of a finger. I can see all the way to Japan if I want. I can understand a different culture; learn a foreign language. So if you really want to dream, then start. Begin to research. Develop a plan. And don’t forget to act. You may surprise yourself. There’s one I’ve left out. Patience. It’s the glue that will hold your entire dream together. 

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. WAY TO GO!! It's like a theme around here. In Dare to Dream a girl was talking about getting on YouTube and learning how to change her headlight on her car. And another girl said she YouTubes all kinds of auto repair stuff! I just rely on my husband and dad for that! :)But I certainly relate to planning, acting, and having PATIENCE! That's the one that gets me all the time. We want everything NOW and never like to wait for anything to happen. My weight loss journey is going to take planning, action, and patience. I'm starting to embrace it (but I still want it NOW)! LOVE YOU!

  2. There are so many days I wished I lived closer to my family. I relied on my dad for so many things. My mom too. I miss being able to drop by and give them a hug whenever I needed one, or wanted to hear their voices. I love them and miss their faces.

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