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Quote about Brevity and simplicity by Katherine Cecil Thurston

Happy IWSG Day!

I’m thrilled to be a host this month along with Joylene Nowell Butler , Kim Lajevardi  , Lee Lowery,  and Victoria Marie Lees  

Thank you to you, and thank you to the wonderful cohosts who are spreading the writing love this month.

I don’t know about you, but these past several months have passed along at a sprint and I am finding myself out of breath almost every day, especially on this third day of November.

Writing Updates

I’ve been spending a lot of time brainstorming the end of my book with my editor and I’m so excited to finally see the end! I’m actually getting there! It’s right at 80K and I know it will need another 10K to finish. That’s a lot for my genre in Young Adult, but I’m sure there will much some cutting room. I’m shooting for a goal of Christmas, but we’ll see. It might be February before I’m actually typing “THE END.”

I will say, with this book, I’ve always known what the title should be. Titles are easy for me, intuitive. For me it boils down to one word summaries of the entire theme. It’s the shorter summaries, the Blurbs that take me hours or simplifying. That’s why I picked the quote by Katherine Cecil Thurston. Short phrases and sentences make people remember; they often drum up emotion in a short few seconds whether it be shock, anger or even awe.  

Question of the Month

What about you? In answering this month’s question, what’s harder to do, coming up with your book title or writing the blurb?

Do blurbs rattle straight off your tongue, or are titles more difficult to decide on?

I hope you have a wonderful writing month, and no matter how much time you have to meet your goals, don’t give up. I know I haven’t 🙂

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. Hope you finish by Christmas – give yourself a present.
    Thanks for co-hosting today!

  2. Really enjoyed your positive energy — and hope you meet every goal! Thanks for the reminder about ‘brevity and simplicity.’ Understatement — another writing tool that pulls in the reader. Sometimes, it takes a while to ‘see’ that revision.

  3. Thanks for co-hosting. That’s awesome your manuscript will be done by the end of the year. I’m hoping mine wll be done then or in early 2022.

  4. melissamaygrove

    Blurbs, for sure.

    Re: your WIP, you might find the post ‘Speed Writing’ on my blog to be helpful. I posted it several years ago for those who NaNo.

    Thanks for co-hosting. 🙂

  5. Wish you could bottle some of that energy and send it my way. Thanks for co-hosting. Have a fun day.

  6. Hi,
    Congratulations on your progress. I am happy to hear that you are almost finished with it.
    Thank you also for co-hosting.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  7. Congratulations on the progress you’re making toward publication. How exciting! I appreciate you co-hosting and sharing your expertise and thoughts. Keep up the good work!

  8. Best wishes on completing your novel. Typing The End is a great feeling. Thanks for cohosting this month.

  9. Keep pushing yourself forward and I’m sure you’ll finish by Christmas. Now all I need to do is take my own advice.

    Thanks for co-hosting IWSG this month!

  10. What a positive and uplifting post! Thanks for sharing and especially for cohosting our rowdy band.

  11. You’re getting there! I look forward to reading it. I’m sure it will be great!

  12. “Short phrases and sentences make people remember; they often drum up emotion in a short few seconds whether it be shock, anger or even awe.” That’s a great description of what a blurb must do. Thanks for this and for co-hosting today!

  13. You’re almost there!

    Brevity is best for book titles. Makes it easier for readers to remember and find.

  14. I can do titles, but blurbs take work and feedback to get right. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  15. I agree with setting goals and I know you’ll make your Christmas deadline. Good idea: Titles sum up the theme. One word? That would be more challenging for me. Thank you for co-hosting this month.
    Lynn La Vita @

  16. Thanks for co-hosting, and good luck with your writing goals!

    Blurbs, synopses, taglines, and pitches used to be a lot harder, back when I had no idea how to write them, but titles can be a little trickier now. I put no thought or emotion into them when I was a lot younger, and now many of my older drafts in my editing queue are in desperate need of much more original titles.

  17. Thanks for co-hosting! Yeah, time is flying by fast. Best of luck getting to The End!

  18. I like writing the title best, too! I also like writing chapter titles. I even like making up names for chapters that only have numbers for labels. Good luck with your December goal!

  19. Best wishes on your manuscript! Perfect description of a blurb, and I love the quote. Book titles come fairly easy for me. Blurbs are fun when I’m writing for someone else 😉
    Thanks for the inspiration – and for co-hosting!

  20. Blurbs are always hard for me. Condensing a story into a tagline is challenging. Someone famous (don’t remember who) once wrote a long letter to his friend and apologized in the end. He said he didn’t have enough time to make it short.

  21. Jennifer Lee Hawes

    I always under write my books. I wish I had more to cut! I love writing blurbs. Making them short and to the point is a challenge accepted.

  22. Perfect quote for today’s post. Congrats on figuring out the ending even if you didn’t type The End quite yet.

  23. titles, blurbs, synopses – all I can say is “I get by with a little help from my friends!”

  24. “…these past several months have passed along at a sprint…” That is exactly how I feel. And I, too, am breathless. Maybe life could slow down a minute?

    Yaaaay! on starting that last 10,000! What an accomplishment!

    Titles are always easy for me. Blurbs are a lot of work. Thanks for co-hosting today.

  25. Thanks for co-hosting today, Erika! And congratulations on nearing the publication of your book. Loved the KCT quote. Good luck as you close in on those final words!

  26. ‘Intuitive’ is a great word for it. I find the titles come to me this way, too.

  27. You say that it may be February when yo write “The End” to your book, well don’t feel bad. I’ve been meaning to release my book for the past three months and I still have major revisions to make; so I probably won’t be able to release it until next month at the earliest.

  28. That quote about brevity and simplicity is a good one. I’d much rather fly through a book that is simple and not drawn out with pretentious writing and unnecessary wordage. I read for fun, relaxation, or information gathering. I don’t read to hurt my head, addle my brain, and torture myself with writing that seems to be a hollow attempt to impress academia.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  29. Thanks for cohosting and congrats on your writing progress.

  30. If that’s your debut novel getting published, let me know when it’s getting ready to sell. I interview debut authors at Operation Awesome.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  31. Thanks for co-hosting this month! And best of luck on that ending! @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

  32. Very late to the party, but agree with the importance of goal-setting.Hope you’re getting a lot done this month.

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