Celebrate the Small Things 3: Believe in Your Today

Fridays are all about celebrating the Small Things thanks to a weekly blog hop created by author Lexa Cain. Joint co-hosts this week are authors L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog  The mission coincides with what I’m hoping to do with my own writing, inspire and focus on the light when those slippery shadows creep around our shoes. Want to sign up? Click Lexa Cain’s link to find out more.


Worry and doubt sneak into our thoughts so easily. Voices you hear that question whether your hard work is worth it. Maybe the voices come from concern, love, or even self-doubt, but it’s still the same question: “You work so hard with so little to gain, are you sure it’s really worth it?”


We all have dreams. Maybe we want to become healthier. Maybe we need to take a class for a new certification or a skill we’ve wanted to explore, but never did. Maybe you’re a secret musician or an artist. If it brings you joy on any level, then my answer is yes. Yes, the work is worth it because your dreams are worth it. So this week, the words of a dear friend of mine echo softly in my head, “Believe in you.” Believe in all you do and your choices in each and every day. Start making your lists of small victories. Makes lists of all the things that make you smile too. The smiles help with the stress down the road. Here is my sweet memory list I’ve made this week:


I rode my bike with my son up to the school park where we walked and ran a few laps to train for soccer. He’s eight. I’m enjoying the fact that he still wants me to eat lunch with him in school and spend time together.


My daughter read me a lovely book. She read one page and I read the other. I love to see her watch each word and light up when she recognizes them.


I took the day off work and attended a field trip with my daughter to Science City. We also played at the park dangling from the jungle gym and swinging on the swing set while my son participated in soccer practice. Sat on a swing lately and let the spring breeze play with your hair? It’s lovely and I highly recommend it.


I watched a YouTube video from 1975, Witch Mountain, recommended to me by my writing friend to help me define my star people population. I also went to the book/art/ice cream social at my kids’ school. They showed me their clay creations, their paintings and we stood in line so they could craft these cute little sand monsters together. Also, while I was stressing about my goals, my honey said over the phone, “I believe in you.” I know he does.

Friday? What isn’t to love, right?

Finally … A Great Book to Celebrate

Maski: Broken But Not Dead
By Joylene Nowell Butler
(Psychological Thriller)
An IPPY Silver Medalist!

To the Breaking Point…

When Brendell Meshango resigns from her university professor position and retreats to her isolated cabin to repair her psyche, she is confronted by a masked intruder. His racial comments lead her to believe she is the solitary victim of a hate crime.

However, is all as it appears? After two bizarre days, the intruder mysteriously disappears but continues to play mind games with her. Taught by her mother to distrust the mainstream-based power structures, and with her stalker possibly linked to a high level of government, Brendell conceals the incident from the police. But will her silence keep her safe?

Then her beloved daughter, Zoë, is threatened and Brendell takes matters into her own hands. To save Zoë, Brendell searches for the stalker and confronts not just a depraved madman but her own fears and prejudices.

Purchase Links:

Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Amazon


I hope you have a lovely Friday and don’t forget to make your list of smiles. 🙂

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. Big congratulations to Joylene!
    That’s cool you can spend so much quality time with your kids.

  2. I want to go swing on a swing right now.

    Thank you for featuring Joylene’s book.

  3. LOVED your daily moments and upbeat perspective — thank you for sharing! (*sigh!* miss those time with my little ones now that they grown and out into the world)…

  4. I remember 10 years ago, finally accepting that I might never get a book published. I realized that although it would be great to make a living doing what I love, if I work in writing every day and it makes me happy, that’s all that really matters. Plus, I discovered blogging and was so excited to have people reading my words every day. That’s what it’s all about–creating things that connect with others.

    • Thank you for stopping in today Stephanie. I agree, the connections I have made and continue to make. I feel inspired to find creative people out their working hard and making their dreams come true. 🙂

  5. I love how you enjoy your kids and make time for them. Those might seem like small things, but to your kids they are huge! Have a happy weekend, Erika.

  6. Congrats to Joylene 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this. Can’t remember the last time I went on a swing.

  7. I love your friend’s words: “Believe in you.” The truth is the longer you do your secret hobby (writing or whatever) without much gain, you get discouraged. I’ve found I slow down (bad) but I write purely for me and don’t proceed unless I’m sure it’s the best I can do (good). I love hearing about your kids. So adorable! Thanks for featuring Joylene’s new release & have a great weekend!

  8. You have a great attitude! And I love that you can spend so much time with your kids. I wish I could spend more…

  9. Sounds like a lovely week! Hope the weekend was just the same.

  10. Excellent, excellent post!!! Sending you lots of smiles and positive energy! Big Hugs!

  11. I love your celebrations, especially the way you enjoy those simple times with your children. My ‘boys’ are both men, now. We’re still close, but I miss reading with and to them. Keep smiling!

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