IWSG 8: I Dreamed Up An Impossible Ending For My Character

IMG_4156 [I wrote this post as a member of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group where we share our worries and also offer support and encouragement to each other on the first Wednesday of every month. If you’re a writer like me and you’re looking for a bit of support, you can click the link and sign up here]


“All right. Have it your own way. Road to hell paved with unbought stuffed dogs. Not my fault.”

~Ernest Hemingway

The past three months I’ve sort of felt like I’ve been facing off with my characters and their messes, and then unsuccessfully figuring out the best way to clean them up. I wish I could say it wasn’t my fault. But I dreamed it up. I built my world, my characters, and gave them all sorts of emotional holes to fall in. I got through until the end. The conclusion sort of rocked my mind. It is my fault. I refused to change the scene.

Ever been there? Ever created the most impossible ending and nothing else you could possibly think of would do?

I couldn’t dig my way out. I scratched my head for months.

But today I’m here to say, finally! Hallelujah!

I can’t say it’s the best solution. I’m not sure yet. But I can say, it’s the only shred of hope I have to finish the manuscript at this point.

So this month, I’m keeping the post short and sweet. Just to say I’m here, I did it, and I’m sorry I’ve been such a stinking recluse and haven’t been around more blogs than I hoped to. Truly, as I’ve learned through my manuscript, the pace doesn’t matter. The steps do, and telling the right story with the right sequence of action driven events.

My last thought, and I’m sharing it because it really made me laugh is this:

“Nature gave men two ends – one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since then man’s success or failure has been dependent on the one he used most.” George RKirkpatrick

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  1. Yay for finding a solution! Sometimes you’ve got to just slowly work yourself up out of the mess of a first (or second or third) draft. Frustrating, but totally worth it in the end. =)

  2. Ha, ha, love that quote. Congrats on figuring out your solution! Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking before the light bulb goes off. Bravo for sticking with it and not giving up.

  3. I’m glad you’ve done it. But I’m also sure if this doesn’t work out, you’ll find another. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  4. Congrats on figuring it out, Erika! I’m an outliner, so I tend not to get tangled at the end, but I haven’t always been. I can imagine how hard it was to bring it all together! It’s also intriguing and kind of hooked me. I want to see what you did 🙂

  5. I love that moment of relief. It’s such a welcome one after slamming your head against a brick wall for days, weeks, months. Onward and upward, eh?

  6. I often get myself into such tight spots. But I LOVE when the solutions come to me. So rewarding.

  7. Ha, nice closing quote! Sometimes I’ve found getting that breakthrough with the wrong scene/opening/ending helps me find the right one instead of being stuck.

  8. mlouisebarbourfundyblue

    The quote at the end was hilarious, Erika! Kudos to you for not giving up and for finding a solution to your ending challenge! Unstuck always feels wonderful when it finally happens!

  9. Good stuff! Even if it’s not the best ending, it’s different, and will give you room to make it even better.

  10. Congratulations on figuring out the problem. That is awesome. It’s great you didn’t give up. Now you can only make your story better. Best of luck. You can do it.

  11. I regularly get my characters into all sorts of holes I can’t rescue them from. It’s great you’ve come up with an ending. I am intrigued.

  12. Congrats for getting your characters out of their mess! You live dangerously – I always figure out my ending (and outline) before I start writing anything. I love the George Kirkpatrick quote! So true! 🙂

    • Thank you Lexa. I usually do thorough outlines but for some reason I got trapped in the dialogue in a few earlier chapters and the ending shifted. It didn’t feel quite strong enough and then poof! My crazy predicament appeared and it took me forever to make it possible. I appreciate you stopping in 🙂

  13. Tyrean Martinson

    Great quote! And congrats on finding the solution!

  14. Ugh. It can be quite the struggle to get there but when you do, there’s noting like that feeling! Congratulations!


    • Thank you Stephanie! I appreciate you dropping in. It’s so difficult
      To be at that point where you are almost done and you sit…and you stare at it wondering what in the world…especially when I had it outlined but it kept changing. I am so happy though it’s done. 🙂

  15. Loni Townsend

    Woot! That’s awesome that you got it figured out! I know how it feels when you’re struggling to find how points A and B connect. All of the different possible outcomes don’t always lead to the end you want. The struggle is real! Glad things are connecting for you!

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