Weather Can Make Us, Or Break Us

Does the weather change your mood?

When you wake up some mornings and you know it’s going to snow, maybe the roads are already covered with a dangerous invisible layer of black ice, maybe the wind is a terrifying howl against your bedroom window, what do you do? Are you tempted to pull the covers back over your head?

I am a sensory girl. I live and breathe for the sun. I love rainbows. I love bright blue skies, and when I’m writing, I’ve incorporated a giant tip Maggie Stiefvater mentioned once on her blog: Always remember the weather. I went back into some of my favorite books and the bell went off in my head. Oh, yeah, and wow!

Follow along with me. Take a look at these two pictures. Take a moment to think how you feel when you  see them.

weatherflowerspost storm2

The first one, I smile. I want to lift my arms and spin around in the very grass underneath that bright huge sunshine. The warm breeze. The way the wind and the sun feels against my skin. And the flower? I’d just love to stand there and smell it.

The second one?

A shiver rushes all the way to my toes. I wonder what will happen. I wonder if it will hail and destroy something, how the wind must feel pressing against the giant buildings and shaking the windows. Is it raging in the streets? Will branches break if trees are around? Oh no, and then, what if the electricity blows and the lights go out-eek! I must admit,  I’m still afraid of the dark 😉

Weather In Your Life.

Think about the impact of weather in real life, too. My dad always checks in on me after a storm. My mom is constantly watching the weather and telling me when to be careful, texting me or calling me when she sees instant alerts in my area. We’ve been through a slew of bad weather in our lives with hail, funnel clouds, and yes, way too close to a few swirly tornadoes where we’d spent many nights in the basement of old churches. I think we even outran one once, being stuck in the middle of a wheat field. What about you? Do you worry about your family? Do you worry about the stray animals on the streets in the storms? I know my best friend T, worked at an animal rescue place in Denver. She made it all too real for me, what happens to animals who get lost from their human friends and caretakers in serious storms like Hurricane Katrina.

Weather As You’re Reading.

As you read one of your favorite author’s books, what happens to you when you come across a scene with a huge creepy storm just on the brink of the horizon? Do you feel your pulse rise? Do you worry about the characters in the story? Movies have been made alone, just on the one creep factor of the weather.

Weather As You’re Trying To Write.

Imagine now, if you’re trying to tell a story and you’re going for a certain feel. Your characters are in some moment. You have a really great scene you’ve already thought through, and what will the addition of weather do to your scene? For me, it adds a time and place element (another huge piece I plan to bring up at some point down the road). It sets the season for you with the color of the leaves, the feel of the wind, the storms and the surrounding trees. It just might be the icing on the cake you need for building a really great mood for the reader.

And Back To Life.

Living in Kansas City, Old Mother Nature sounds like she’d like to drop more snow and cold temperatures right on us this week. I’m rubbing my arms right now just thinking about it. My mind races with all the possibilities and the dangers, and then—and then I breathe. I think, what can I possibly do about it? I can prepare, and then I can live. And I’d rather live my day to every happy potential I possibly can.

That’s all I’ve got today, but stayed tuned for a couple of fun books I’ll be showcasing this week.

Happy Monday, and …


About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. Very beautiful my dear friend. Sometimes I think, because of our age difference primarily, that it’s hard for me to understand where you get the ideas that inspire you as a writer and what allows you to easily transcribe them into words. I worry that, because I only had a couple years of college when I was young, that you are “too deep” for me and I won’t be able to take it all in. But then I surprise myself and understand so clearly that you are not only a fantastic writer, you’re also a child of nature. Nature inspires me also, but I guess I take in a lot of what nature offers, but also take nature for granted. You have a very unique gift my friend and I know it will stay with you the rest of your life. Thanks again for the wonderful words of inspiration. I’m so happy to have such a gifted writer as a dear friend. Hugs

  2. What a wonderful post Erika! you are so right! These pictures triggered so much sensory response in my very core. You don’t think of these things unless someone points them out! Thank you for making me realize that. Yes, I always worry about the stray dogs and cats out there when the wind howls and the thunderstorm rages outside. I also feel unrest if my loved ones are out there, driving in adverse weather. Even in our civilized, comfortable world, we still can feel insecure and bad weather is one of the things that will always make us feel helpless! Like you, I always long for the sun and the bright blue skies! Have a lovely day sweetie 🙂

    • Thank you so much Effrosyni for stopping in. You have a big heart my friend. What is the weather like where you live most of the time? Is it constant? Do you have seasons there too? Have a lovely rest of your day and I’m glad I inspired you. 🙂

  3. I used to live in Vancouver, BC and it rained almost everyday. Soon I took the attitude that it was sunny somewhere and let that sunshine warm me up.

    In books, I think weather adds atmosphere, and realism to any story. I miss it when it isn’t there. Just like the sunshine in Vancouver. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    • You are remarkable Anna. I think I would have had to take stock in a serious coffee business where I could smell the fresh beans all day long 🙂 And I do agree very much with you. Writing in the weather makes a story all the more real to to the reader. I want to feel the world someone creates and weather is part of the world. Thank you.

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