The True Meaning of Sacrifice


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Back in October, I held a contest for a chance to win a free preview of One More Day, an ARC Review. Today, I’m posting a sweet reflection I received from an 8th Grade Honors English student who won the ARC review in a classroom raffle. I asked her to reflect on the following question: which story can you relate to and is most real to you? I chose not to reveal her name, but her writing and her words stand on their own.

So here she is …

Dear Ms. Beebe,

I really enjoyed reading all of the short stories. I felt very privileged that I got a chance to see them before anyone else. They were all so well written, especially yours! I liked how your story took the typical school story with the new girl taking over the spotlight from the mean popular girl and added twists like letting the mean girl get the spot in the play while Hannah got the guy instead.

I thought that the most realistic story was Dark Rose by Marissa Halvorson because it involved a girl taking a test who started to day dream. Her day dream led to an alternate universe that ended up helping her with her essay. I can relate to this because sometimes when I have an important essay in a class and I can’t think, I day dream. My daydreams end up helping me just like in the story. I also liked the concept of her daydream where she had to fight herself and learned the true meaning of sacrifice.

How to find Marissa?

Her blog is called The Musings of a Fantasy Writer’s Life.

How to buy the book?

Amazon (Paperback) / Amazon (Kindle) / Barnes & Noble (epub) / Kobo (e-book)

Next week, I’ll be visiting this eighth grade student’s classroom and teaching my first ever character development workshop for teens. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy Friday all, and reflecting on Sacrifice, I found this lovely quote.



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  1. Nice post. I got the bookmark! Thank you for the kind words.

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