What Little Thing This Week Made You Smile?

Maybe a compliment?

 A smile from a stranger? 
Could it have been a really great text from someone awesome in your life?

Today, I’m thinking about the little things my life:

One of my girlfriends’ meeting me for dinner Monday, talking to me, coaching me and believing in my dream as much as I do.

My husband wrestling around with the kids in the bed before work until we all laughed so hard our bellies were shaking and couldn’t stop!

My babies begging me to snuggle them just a few minutes longer, and me, putting off getting ready for work because it feels so good to love them.

The message my dad sent me this morning to let me know he loved me.

And all the likes on facebook when I posted some odd quirky daydream about the thunder and the rain.

These little things fill me up and motivate me to move, make me feel good about being exactly where I am this minute. When my dreams seem so far away, and my mood isn’t always the best, the little things somehow get me through—

Thank you world!

Thank you friends!

You’re part of my little things, too.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

Posted on January 30, 2013, in big things, don't forget the miracles in life every day, Erika Beebe, little things. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. "You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give." –E. O. WilsonYou've got this, girl. Even though it's tough at times. And really, you're never TRULY alone. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Thank you for the thoughtful quote, your sweet words and just being there! ~Erika

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