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Plutarch quote

You are what you eat.

Or maybe it’s you become what you think.

Either thought makes me nervous. I eat some strange things and my thoughts drift in very odd directions.

My dad raised me to believe we could become stronger and more competent with big tasks (like sports) if we listened to motivating messages while we slept. I did it. I don’t know if I became a better athlete, but the voice sure calmed me enough to sleep and I could picture myself on the green tennis court with my Boris Becker Racket gripped in my hands just right. He was my favorite tennis player back in the day. 

Is reading equally powerful? For me, yes. I’m a visual learner. I’m a graphic designer. I picture something so full of color and detail in my mind it has to be real. I can draw it. I can write it.  And the question brings me to this month’s IWSG question: “Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?”

Plutarch made me think. Our minds are a fire to be kindled. We dream to have a fire. We use a method to build the flames, the heat. Once we taste it with our eyes, we feed it with wood, watching the tips of the fire dance. Writing is my fire.  So I fuel it with books in my genre so I can keep up with the world I hope to compete in someday. My mind is influenced so easily by voice and word choice. If I drift to another genre, I’m afraid my voice will drift too.  So rarely do I read other genres. I simply have no time left. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Happy IWSG day. Keep that fire alive and fill it with the fuel that burns within you.  

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. L. Diane Wolfe

    I used to listen to Shad Helmstetter motivational tapes and a whole lot more. I believe they do help.

  2. I’m visual as well although it’s a challenge to translate it to words.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that “the mind is a fire to be kindled” idea before, but I love it! That really is the perfect metaphor for it!

    As a Sci-Fi writer, I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, but I try to mix other genres into my reading list too. I want my authorial voice to sound just a little bit different from the standard Sci-Fi author’s voice, and I think reading outside my genre helps set me apart. At least, that’s the theory I’m working with.

  4. That’s so interesting that your dad had you listen to motivational tapes while you went to sleep. I used to listen to books on tape as an adult for awhile, and it helped me het to sleep. It sounds like your dad really cared for you and was trying to help you be the best person you could be.

    • Thank you Natalie. He really did think we could think our way to success if we chose to. I do know now, I love to listen to ocean sounds and watch the waves on my tv and it does relax me enough to dream 🙂

  5. My husband usually stays up later than me, watching a show, so it I have to have a white noise source for me to fall asleep, because if I hear voices, I will listen. I can’t fall asleep to books or movies or music because it demands that I pay attention.

    Then again, I’m more of an audible learner with a heavy leaning toward audiobooks. Maybe that’s related.

  6. I love your quote this month. It hit home with me.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  7. Such a thoughtful post. I do worry if I switch genres, it’ll impact my voice–I agree with you. At this point, I’ve lost track!

  8. Love the quote! Plutarch was surely a wise man.
    Love your metaphor too, that our reading is a fuel to keep the writing fire inside us alive. It definitely is for me.

  9. Love the metaphor. Made quite a picture in my brain. I like to read outside my genre after I ‘ve completed a story just to get away and clear my mind. Also, I pick up some thoughts for my next story. My thoughts–not plagiarizing it! LOL.
    JQ Rose

  10. Love the quote from Plutarch and your metaphor. I write in two genres, one historical fiction/fantasy and the other thrillers, though there are some similar elements between them. I enjoy changing from one to the other, keeps my writing fresh and reading a range of genres helps too.

  11. Victoria Marie Lees

    I LOVE Plutarch’s idea of our minds being “a fire to be kindled.” Truly inspirational. Oh by the way, no amount of cerebral pep talk could make me a better athlete. All five of my children got any athletic ability from their father. What a great post, Erika! All best to you, my dear!

  12. I had the biggest crush on Boris Becker in high school!

    Maybe that is my problem in writing scenes. I do not have an artist’s brain, like I have a serious deficit imagining visuals. My brain thinks in words, not pictures. Is that normal? I’m so jealous. I want to be artistic!!!

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