When Bad Stuff Brings You Down, Fight Back

 Some days I absolutely hate watching the news. My heart hurts when I read about people stealing from others at gunpoint, babies getting hurt and abused, and desperate people murdering someone because they’re high on drugs or adrenaline and rage—why? 

Last night I watched the Avengers with my family. What can I say, I’m a sucker for superhero stuff. I love believing in the impossible and if I had one thing to say about me, maybe I believe too hard. I love thinking about a hero for morality and justice. I love the idea of technology and computers as a way to battle evil. Mind tricks used for good, anger channeled to actually beat down the bad guy, it was so amazing and it pumped me up with hope. You probably guessed the characters: Captain America, Ironman, Black Widow and the Hulk.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some great gift you could use to make life better for others? Wouldn’t it be awesome to stop people from doing something that hurts someone else and escalates into a massive domino effect for a community? And then I think and wonder, there are people around you with this stuff, these extraordinary gifts. I read a story of a high school kid who lifted a car off his dad and saved his dad’s life. It was adrenaline, nothing else. The boy was afraid of losing someone he loved.

I went through CPR training last week. I heard a story about an athlete, in the middle of a race, noticed a fellow competitor was slowing down and finally collapsed. Everyone ran along and left him, too worried about the race. The athlete stopped and helped him through. He controlled the crowd around him and the man survived because the athlete reacted. Some people would have frozen up with the idea of administering CPR like that. Some people would have left him for someone else to take care of. Inspired by a greater sense of justice and life, this athlete saved someone else.

I think about the smaller miracles of people I know. My best friend, well, if you looked up the definition of calm on Wikipedia or dictionary.com, her name should be line two. I never knew someone who could handle any accident or emergency with a state of mental peace. She always has the best words, the best way to get out of a problem. I think about the surgeon who operated on my dad after his heart attack. Talk about belief. Talk about miracles. I had to put my faith into the hands and judgments of someone else—he saved my dad’s life. That’s a hero in my book.

In my life, I know I can speak. I know I can write. And if I can inspire hope and a just a glimmer of a smile or something positive in someone else, then I know I’m using my gifts. And what about you? What is it you have that is so awesome and special and is the very reason you have the friends and family you do? Maybe I’m being a bit sappy tonight, but I think reflecting on our gifts does the heart good. I believe we can all make a difference. I believe your words, your reactions, or your skills have impacted someone in a better way. You could be someone’s superhero.

So when the world gets a little heavy, remember the good things in you.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. I know a woman who taught me, as little girls, how to live, at least a piece of my life, with my head in the clouds. Thank you for instilling a strong ability and desire to dream. Love ya, girl! 🙂

  2. Incredible! I've never been into superhero movies and comics, but I LOVE the idea behind them… turning wrongs into right, saving the day, fighting evil. We should all want to discover the superhero inside!Your words are so inspiring and really open our eyes to look at how we're living now, how it impacts others (bad or good), and to ask the question "Is this the way I want to live my life?" …a really great question to ask…

  3. Love you too my friend. I know of no one in the world with greater patience than you. You lived with me in college afterall! That has to be a miracle in itself. ;0)

  4. And you my friend, you are a HUGE superhero. You lift people up when the world looks dark and flat. I think HOPE should be your middle name. HUGS!

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