Who Doesn’t Like To Forget The World?

When I hear the lyrics of this song, I smile. Because that’s exactly what our favorite people in the whole world help us do—let go of our problems and just dream for awhile.

As a kid I could daydream better than anything—out at recess, on the monkey bars, climbing on to the very top and flapping my arms pretending I could just fly away and become a bird or something. I’d go home, climb a tree and disappear among the branches, feeling the breeze tickle my face and play with my hair.

I’d stare at the clouds, watch the shapes move across the sky—thinking of a familiar animal or a letter in my favorite new word.

I’d lie in the grass at night, feeling the heat of summer press in around me and wait quietly for one glimpse of a shooting star.

Most of the time, I was always with someone I cared about a lot—and in those moments when I was alone, I was always wishing one of my friends was right there next to me.

Friends, partners, people we love help us in the best ways. They make us feel better about our mistakes and our dreams by listening and not judging. But we can’t be in that spot forever. Action is required at some point if we want to move along, and quite a bit of the time, we have to do it alone.

I remember a very uncomfortable moment at one of my old jobs when I had a difficult time with my boss. We had worked so well together for several years and then in a blink—our working relationship changed. All the little things became front and center–no longer focused on the things that were going well.   A couple of months went by like that and I was frustrated. I started dreaming about other jobs—I wanted to get out. One day I took a breath and I thought, “hey, I have to try and save this relationship. I have to try to reach some sort of middle ground where they feel respect and I also feel respect.”

I didn’t want to leave my job. Also, what if I did actually leave, could I guarantee I wouldn’t be right back at the same place with someone else?

Definitely not.

Dreams have to match up with reality and granted, you define your reality. Anyway,  I was up all night thinking about how to address my boss in a nonthreatening way where he’d actually listen. At 2:00 a.m. I had it. I got up and wrote it down and finally lay back asleep.

The next morning, I went in to work. I set a time to talk and delivered my speech. I gave him time to think at each question, we finished our meeting, and I walked out of there feeling a huge weight lift right off of me. No, my boss didn’t make any promises in that moment, but after a few more hours of pondering the questions and thoughts I brought into our meeting, he came back to my desk and we made an agreement we were both happy to make.

Dreaming is awesome. I could have found another perfect job, quit mine and felt really good in the moment. But that wouldn’t have helped my dreams in the long run. Maybe yes, in the short run–but eventually my fears would have caught up with me.  So we have to roll up our sleeves and get dirty at times even when it doesn’t feel easy.

So I guess, set your goals. Take action, even if it’s messier then you hoped for. After that first step, the next day will get better. Maybe a few years pass, your life changes for the best and the pain way back when doesn’t look so bad anymore—if it’s there at all.

Forgetting the world is a good thing—at least for a little while. It helps us remain in touch with our dreams and deepest desires about life. But don’t forget to wake up. Yes, it’s one of the hardest things, but it is absolutely necessary.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. I'm glad I read this today… it's so where I am! Re-defining my dreams. Not just the surface "dream description" but what the dreams really are… the heart of the matter. What I really REALLY want and envision. How does it look? Am I willing to take risks to see it come true? Is it that important to me? What's holding me back? When did those things start? Who or what is standing in my way? Maybe it's me… maybe it's fear. Whatever it is, I have to figure it out and keep moving forward.

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