Hats Off To FIVE Necessary Professions

Since dream catching is my whole purpose for this blog, I’ve been pondering what other people dream about and their careers that tend to be an end result of those dreams. I looked up a list of the best jobs, to the worst jobs and I thought I’d share my kudos to all of you out there who can do what you do. Really. You’re amazing…

I love people. I love helping. But I could never stick a needle in anyone’s arm to draw blood. I could never take a saw and chew threw someone’s chest to fix a broken heart. I wish I was that strong, but I’m a writer. I picture things. And I can picture the way it would hurt if it were happening to me. So yes, I guess that makes me squeamish. Yes, I know this profession makes our world survive. Talk about the ultimate dream catchers! Thank you to all of you out there dreaming and doing these things.

I was a janitor once. Back in college to save up little extra cash. I had the weekend shift and every Saturday morning I had to be at work at the student union by 6:30 a.m. Yikes! I held a knife every morning, a cup of cold water, and scraped the chewed up dried gum off the bottom of all the chairs in the movie theater. GROSS! I’ll never forget that. Now I hate gum. I hate trash—especially when it’s not picked up and disposed of like it should have been. Janitors are irreplaceable. They put up with a great deal of laziness. At times, I think people take them for granted. Someone has to clean it up. They get paid to clean it up. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be respectful and help them out with our stuff. Pick up your trash. Throw away your gum. Please?

I am definitely a land girl. The ocean is a dark swirl of unpredictable action. Who knows what’s under you. Who knows what you’ll see if you fall in the water. The storms, the wear on your bodies, it’s amazing to think what life on a boat must be like. I couldn’t do it, but I love the rewards from those of you who do. Thank you for all that you do to bring us so much healthy goodness to eat!

Again, kind of like a doctor. It’s the visual part holding me back from considering such a profession. I love animals. I also eat meat. But I could never be the one in the apron to prepare it. Now I can cook! That’s different. But I do appreciate all of you out there who are Butchers. You’re strong. You’re brave and I bet you have to stay in shape! Thank you.

My first job right out of college was a salesman—one of the door to door kind—and I was rotten at it (worse than a tomato turned black and surrounded with fruit flies). Again, I love people. The problem is me and my darn self-conscious. You see, I was born with 10 jiminy crickets on both of my shoulders so I guess that makes 20 if you add them all up. Now sales, I learned there’s a certain finesse at answering questions. Things you divulge and things you don’t. Well, with my stupid mouth, I couldn’t stop at the won’t. Before I knew what I was saying in any given business meeting, I’d talked myself right out of the deal. I had several clients tell me I had them, and then I inserted foot.

What is my purpose?
To get us to think about the perfect job. AND that perfect nightmare job you might have had or never want to do. Think about what it would take to get up every morning in each one of those shoes. That’s my point. We all need to think about the efforts of others. We may just be one ant in this huge giant world—but I believe we need all the ants. We need you. So I guess this is my own way of saying how grateful I am.

P.S. Here’s the article if you want peruse the list!

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. Wonderful! This post made me feel so appreciative of the people who are employed in these jobs. I'm certainly not cut out to be in any of those professions either. But I thank those who do it every day. I love reflecting on how great I really have it. One word… blessed.

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