Dreams: Taking One Step At A Time

I thought today was the perfect opportunity to reflect on my dreams. With the end of the year and the threat of a new one, the biggest glaring concept works it up way back out from the darkest shadow in my head: what happened to my dream and why am I not living it already?

What began as a wish as a six year-old in the first grade, still burns strong in my soul. But somehow, it’s been shoved to the back burner like so many other wishes.

So why haven’t I made it a priority?

These questions come up not just for myself, because like many people, I’ve had disconnect somewhere with what I truly want in figuring out how to live and survive each day. What started out as a dream of writing turned into thoughts of becoming an animal behaviorist, a dietitian, an architect, a superstar aerobics instructor, and finally settling in graphic design just so I could get out of school. I’ve had many bumps along the road, many personal struggles, but have somehow managed to look up and catch a sign pointing me right back to writing. I don’t fault myself for the tangents I’ve spun out on with beginning ice skates. I can’t change my past or my emotions. But I can buy a better pair of skates. I’ve picked a real professional rink to practice stretching out my legs, preparing to sail up into the air. Now I’m so much closer to that perfect landing.

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be today. I’m stronger, better, more determined than ever, because of my experiences. What will separate this moment from yesterday is how I make it happen now that I know exactly what I want: ACTION.

So instead of thinking about everything in the past that’s taken me of course, I’m doing it. I’m creating that plan. I’m crossing off my marks. I can see the end and I believe in it. Sometimes we have to set it all aside and just move. Take that step. Each one gets a little sturdier after that.

About Erika Beebe

Author, dreamer, and a momma to a couple of wonderful kids, I try to live life everyday in hope and inspire others along my way.

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  1. Erika, I couldn't be more proud of you for making your dreams happen!!! I love that you're letting your past make you better, not bitter. It's sometimes difficult to think about the things we've wanted to do in the past, dreams we once had that we never pursued, without feeling like a failure. But things happen for a reason, in the right timing. We learn so much from our experiences and it makes us amazing people, if we let them!You're so talented and amazing, I know you'll make your dreams come true! (And I'll be right there cheering you on the whole way!!!)

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